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Flowers of Love Poem

“Flowers of Love”

Flowers of Love Poem Painting

Flowers of Love Poem Painting

Are oil paintings by Clina Polloni.

Inspired by my poem “An Instant of Time”, about love and flowers:

Love like flowers
is a fragile breeze;
it is a flash of time,
born on a clear day,
explodes in magnificent
colors and feelings,
and diminish in the
shadows of life.

Poem by Clina Polloni ©

Flowers of Love Poem Drawing

Flowers of Love Poem Drawing

After the cold days of winter. I can’t wait for the warm days of spring to see the pale daffodils or the purple irises emerging, green baby leaves appearing in the old oak tree and finally a rainbow of colors; camellias, geraniums, tulips, peonies, crape myrtles, dahlias, roses and pansies. I get my canvas, brushes, bright colors and go outside, seat in the purple chair and paint. I live in Franklinton, NC, USA, travel to Chile to see my family and also paint.


  1. Start by drawing the poem with a medieval calligraphy. The first letter of the poem is at the right side with a gold background and decorated with flowers.
  2. Draw flowers around the poem.
  3. Create a border with gold and heavy gesso.
  4. Paint with acrylics or oils.

Clina’s paintings are for sale at her studio, The Renaissance Centre for The Arts in Wake Forest and The Franklin County Art Council, NC.

Medieval Letter F

Medieval Letter F

You can learn and enjoy to do this painting in the painting classes:

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Clina Polloni is a member of The Makery and the Wake Forest Guild of Artists. Her oil paintings are at The Cotton Company and local businesses of Wake Forest NC.

Clina Polloni received the 2017 Franklin County Art Council ARTIST AWARD.

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