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Cards from Paintings Reproductions

Cards for all occasions

From reproductions of original oil paintings by Clina Polloni.

Cards-Cape Hatteras Lighthouse by Clina Polloni.

Cards-Cape Hatteras Lighthouse by Clina Polloni.

Painting North Carolina and the world. Landscapes, Seascapes, Still Life and Flowers.

They are FOR SALE at The Little ART Gallery, inside The Cotton Company.

“Cape Hatteras Lighthouse NC” card. A reproduction of an oil painting by Clina Polloni.
With its black and white stripes, is one of the most famous and recognizable lighthouses in the world. Protecting one of the most treacherous stretches of the Outer Banks, NC. Learn more >>

“The Fishermen” card. Inspired by the beautiful fishing town of Constitución, Chile. Bright and changing colors of the sunset, the fishermen coming back with their rich catch on a summer evening after a day at the sea. Learn more:

Card-The Fishermen by Clina Polloni

Card-The Fishermen by Clina Polloni

“The Mermaid of the Wave” card. There are so many tales of mermaids all over the worlds’ oceans singing to sailors because they are lonely and longing for love. Maybe in the vast Outer Banks NC beaches you will hear one playing in a wave. Learn more >>

“Yacht Sailing the Outer Banks NC” card. Intracoastal waterways and inlets with treacherous waters are a challenge for sailors and an inspiration for artists. Learn more >>

“Cape Lookout Lighthouse NC” card. With its black and white diamond pattern, the emerald and blue colors of the Atlantic Ocean was an inspiration and an addition to the collection of oil paintings that I am doing of North Carolina. Learn more >>

Walking on a Beach Sunset Seascape card. North Carolina has beautiful beaches, and walking in a sunset with bright colors is an inspiration. Learn more >

The Last Lights of the Sunset at Emerald Isle NC card. Golden reflections of the sun at the point of the island. You can see in the horizon the Intracoastal Waterway. Learn more >>

Walkway to the Beach in Emerald Isle NC card. Seascape of a beautiful day at the beach after the rain. Learn more >>


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WARNING, all paintings and photos are copyright © by Clina Polloni.

Clina Polloni is a member of The Makery and the Wake Forest Guild of Artists. Her oil paintings are at The Cotton Company and local businesses of Wake Forest NC.

Clina Polloni received the 2017 Franklin County Art Council ARTIST AWARD.

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