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The 9/11 Children Painting

The 9 11 Children Painting

The 9 11 Children Painting by Clina Polloni

The 9/11 Children.

Oil on canvas by Clina Polloni.

In commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy September 11, 2001 to September 11, 2021.

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“It was the day after the Nine Eleven, I woke up very sad, so much pain, the loss of so many lives, days of sadness and sorrow. The only way I have always expressed my feelings and emotions is by painting. I told myself, there must be an answer to this terrible tragedy. And the answer was right there, in the front of all of us, THE CHILDREN OF THE WORLD. The future generation that will protect our world.”

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“I looked for a child that would have a meaning in my life and also it will represent a different part of the world:

First, was Maria Elena, a beautiful Chilean Indian, representing the first inhabitants of the American Continent.

Second, my mother, a descendant of German immigrants that moved to Chile, with hopes and dreams of a new life.

Third, an African child, the son of my friends, represents our neighbor Continent.

Forth, Elisa, a dear friend from Malaysia. We both were exchange students in the USA, living the most fascinating experience of our young lives.

Finally, a child from Iraq, a place of the world that we have the responsibility of protecting and respecting.

The dove is in the top of the children with her big winds open, embracing every child of the world. She is not a sweet dove; she is strong and aggressive, with one mission, to protect the children.

The background is the Aurora, the morning light of a new day full of hopes and dreams of a new world. I live in Franklinton, NC, USA where I have my ART Studio. Travel to Chile to see my family and also paint.”

by Clina Polloni

On September 6, 2014 was the Inaugural US Military Veterans Foundation Gala, in support of our wounded veterans, their families and all North Carolina Veterans. Clina Polloni donated a painting to pay tribute to our Veterans. Clina painted “The 9/11 Children” in commemoration of the 9/11 tragedy.

The “9/11 Children” painting was used to raise almost $6000 for a family in need. They will be displaying your painting proudly above their fireplace. It was a blessing seeing how their lives were forever changed after 9/11. The husband has deployed 8 times as special forces. He received over 26 concussions and has 9 kids. Your painting was displayed at a total of 11 events and all day at Raleigh Country Club Army VS Navy Golf Tournament. The wife that took your painting home was given an instruction paper on the care and maintenance of your painting.
Thank you for your generous donation to the US Military Veterans Foundation.

Crissy Roberts
US Military Veterans Foundation

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The “9/11 Children” Painting is © Clina Polloni.

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