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Windows/Doors Painting Classes

Learn To Paint Windows and Doors, Acrylics or Oils

Painting Class Taught by Artist Clina Polloni.

If you are starting to paint, I offer a selection of paintings that are easy to learn. You can see them below. Make your choice and I will send you the list of supplies. Or, you can bring a picture of a painting that you would like to do.

Group painting classes: $30 per person, for 3 hours. For dates click here >>

Private painting classes by appointment: $30 for 1 person, for 3 hours.

Questions: call Clina Polloni at 919.841.3132
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Instructions and supply for these paintings:

“Log Cabin Window in Perspective”. 11″x 14″. One thing that fascinate me are the old log cabins. The textures of the aged wood and stones that creates intriguing perspective.
Instructions for drawing perspective >>
For painting supply and instructions >>

“Blue Door in a Log Cabin”. 11″x 14″. A log cabin with a blue door embraced by a pink bougainvillea from the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. For supply, click here >>

“Red Geraniums on a Red House.” 11″x 14″. For information, instructions and supply, click here >>

“Red Geraniums in a Stone House Window”. 11″x 14″. Traveling through the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, I was inspired to paint this colonial stone house with red geraniums in the window. Click here >>

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WARNING, all paintings and photos are copyright © by Clina Polloni.
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