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My Life in Rabones Chile

Recuerdos de Rabones, Chile, Paintings by Clina Polloni

Rabones is a valley of dreams located in the mountains of the central region of Chile.

I lived for 10 years in our farm called “Las Puertas de Rabones”. I was close to God, to nature and to animals. Memories of golden sunny days, enjoying the company of beautiful people with spirits as clear as the crystal waters of “Rio Putagan” running through the fertile land. I learned about their culture, their traditions and the purity of their lives.

Summer Evenings in Rabones

Casa Campesina Painting

Casa Campesina Painting

As the sun sets
on a summer day
on a gold country road,
Campesinos go back home
guided by the aroma
of the fresh baked bread.

Hello!. Good Bye!… it’s time to rest
children gather around the red flame of the fire
Grandma tells stories of long ago
Grandpa carefully rolls his cigar
time for family and a cup of matte.

The night will soon fall
in the valley of Rabones.

Poem by Clina Polloni

The Old Man’s Chair

The Old Man Chair

The Old Man Chair

Weaving wicker was his trade
in the Valley of “Rabones”.
He collected the long green spikes
from the fertile bank of the river,
weaving straw by straw,
under the shade of a friendly tree.
golden rays of summer sun,
embraced his inspiration
with intricate and creative designs.

One Summer evening we went to his home,
where the old man was sitting in his chair,
smoking his cigar with a worm cup
of fresh mate in his hand.

He told stories about his children,
and how they left the valley long ago.
We asked…Can we buy your chair?
and the old man said “NO!…This is my chair…
but today I finished the last of four chairs
and I would be happy to sell you those”.
So we bought them all.

The next day we went back to
the old man’s house,
but the chair was empty.

Poem by Clina Polloni

Clina’s paintings are for sale at her studio, The Cotton Company, The Renaissance Centre for The Arts in Wake Forest and The Franklin County Art Council in Louisburg NC.

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Clina Polloni is a member of The Makery and the Wake Forest Guild of Artists. Her oil paintings are at The Cotton Company and local businesses of Wake Forest NC.

Clina Polloni received the 2017 Franklin County Art Council ARTIST AWARD.

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