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Landscapes Painting Classes

Learn To Paint Landscapes, Acrylics or Oils

If you are starting to paint, I offer a selection of paintings that are easy to learn. You can see them below. Make your choice and I will send you the list of supplies.

Blue skies, autumn trees, houses, church, lakes, sunset and much more.

Group and private painting classes: $30 per person, for 3 hours. Learn more >>

Space is limited, please call Clina to register 919.841.3132 or email Clina
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Paintings Supply and Instruction

Memories of a White House: 9″x 12″- This landscape was created for the painting classes inspired in a poem about this old couple living in the middle of the city. Learn more and supply >> 
Tree in a Field of Lavender:
This painting was inspired by the mountains and landscape of North Carolina. Supply Instruction>>
How to Paint a Dimensional Perspective: 11″x 14″. Our eyes perceive the world around us in three dimensions. To create a three-dimensional effect, we have to draw perspective that consist on a horizon line, where your eyes are looking to a vanishing point. Learn more >>
White Adobe Church: Supply and Instruction>>
Shelley Lake, Raleigh NC: Supply and Instruction>>
Fishing Village of NC: Is a simple and charming painting for a person that is starting to paint. The painting is about a fishing town in North Carolina, in colonial times. Supply >>
Sunset in Bald Head Island: Instructions and Supply >>
Learn to paint an 1800’s Country Scene >>

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WARNING, all paintings and photos are copyright © by Clina Polloni.
If you would like a jpg of a painting contact Clina

Clina’s paintings are for sale at her studio, The Cotton Company, The Renaissance Centre for The Arts in Wake Forest and The Franklin County Art Council in Louisburg NC.

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