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People of NC Portraits

Portraits of the People of North Carolina

Colonial Sisters With Dolls NC

“The motif of the human figure in a dialogue with natures light and colors.”

In these new paintings I will be portraying the people of North Carolina in their environment and activities, representing a time and history of our beautiful state.

“These paintings are inspired by IMAGES in my mind, people that I meet, places that I visit.” Clina Polloni. Contact Clina for information.

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From the collection of “Colonial Life in North Carolina”:

Information about these paintings:

“Portrait of a Southern Gentleman”. Thomas C. Allen II – 24″x 30″. My husband.

“Business Woman Having Coffee in a Café”. Detail of the right window painting for Zackery Michael Commercial Construction. Learn more >>

“Man Sitting in a Café Working with Computer”. Commissioned painting for the lobby of a commercial construction. Learn more >>

“The Mermaid of the Wave” – “La Sirena de la Ola”. Oil Painting by Clina Polloni. Learn more >>

“Cooking on An Open Fire In NC”. Oil painting 30″x 40″. Inspired by my great admiration of the pioneers that came to this land. Click here for larger images and instructions >>
Exhibited at the NC 2019 STATE FAIR.

“The Gourd Artist”. 24″x 30″. This oil painting is in honor of all the gourd artists of NC that works their craft in silence. Click here for information and instructions >>
Exhibited at the NC 2019 STATE FAIR.

“Fishing at the Tar River NC”. Oil Painting on canvas by Clina Polloni. 24”x 36”. Learn more >>

“A Child Last Goodbye”. A child of North Carolina, the day of the funeral of his grand father. An honored veteran of the United States.

“Sisters Love”. 16″x 20″. Painting of two sisters sharing their love with red poppies. Learn more >>

“Colonial Sisters with Dolls NC”. Oil painting 30″x 40″. Beautiful faces of sisters, proud of their homemade dolls. Click here for instructions >>

“Girl Making Butter Painting”. Oil painting 24″x 36″. This painting is about a girl concentrating in making butter. Children have always been my inspiration, portraying the innocence of their young life. Instructions for drawing, under-paint and painting >>

“Children Goodbyes to the Sailors”. Oil Painting by Clina Polloni. 16”x 20”. Children playing, wishing farewell to the sailors. Learn more >>

“The Lost Colony” – 16”x 20”. 1587 Eleanor Dare waiting for her father John White. 117 English men, women and children came ashore on Roanoke Island to establish a permanent English settlement in North America. Learn more >>

“Weaving the Yarn At The Tar River NC”, Oil painting – 24″x 36″. Inspired by this lady weaving her yarn at the Tar River in North Carolina. This painting is in a private collection.  Click here for larger images and learn how to paint it >>

“The Lady of The Plantation”, Oil Painting – 18″x24″. A lady dressed in white in her southern plantation garden, NC. Instructions and Supply >>

“Man fishing in North Carolina”, 9”x 12”. This is a small painting designed for the painting classes, inspired by the old South. Instructions and Supply >>

“Sisters Chatting”, 9″x 12″.

“Dreams of a Lady in Pink”, 16″x 20″. A young pioneer girl dreaming about her future life and home.

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Clina’s paintings are for sale at her studio, The Cotton Company, The Renaissance Centre for The Arts in Wake Forest and The Franklin County Art Council in Louisburg NC.

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