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Karen Ruffner

Karen Ruffner

Karen Ruffner-Unity Neighborhood-Painting class.

Karen Ruffner-Unity Neighborhood

Painting classes taught by Clina Polloni.

Karen’s colors are serene and delicate expressed in a realism style. Her inspiration is nature from photos taken by her.

Unity Neighborhood, oil painting. “Painting of photo taken at sunset at Unity Cemetery in Latrobe Pa where I grew up and where both my parents are buried. The cemetery is such a beautiful spot… It’s set on a hill, serene and surrounded by the mountains of southwestern PA. The tomb shown is where the TV personality Mr Rogers is buried. It’s his family tomb.”

Karen’s Paintings

Hilton Head Marsh Egret

L’île de la Nadière

Good Morning Berkley Baldy!

Serenity Among the Dunes

My Blue Heron

Early Evening Off Marco Island

Nic and Shadow

Beauty in Nature Taking Over

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Karen Ruffner-Nic and Shadow-Portrait

Karen Ruffner-Nic and Shadow-Portrait

Karen Ruffner-Nic and Shadow-Portrait

Karen Ruffner finished her painting “Nic and Shadow”.

An oil painting portrait that she did for her sister from a favorite photo she took of her nephew and his cat!

Painting Class at Clina Polloni ART Studio with Social Distance. April 2021. Learn to paint with us:

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Clina Polloni is a member of The Makery and the Wake Forest Guild of Artists. Her oil paintings are at The Cotton Company and local businesses of Wake Forest NC.

Clina Polloni received the 2017 Franklin County Art Council ARTIST AWARD.

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