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Blue Door in a Log Cabin Painting

Blue Door in a Log Cabin

Painting Class Taught by Artist Clina Polloni.

Blue Door in a Log Cabin

Blue Door in a Log Cabin

A log cabin with a blue door embraced by a pink bougainvillea from the beautiful mountains of North Carolina.

This is a simple paint designed for the painting classes.

 Instructions of how to do this painting:

  1. Start by drawing the log cabin, the door, the chair and finally the bougainvillea. Put attention to the interesting shapes of the old wood.
  2. Do your under-paint or imprimatura with a wash of silver acrylic and white. Acrylics are very good for under-painting because they dry faster. The under paint is very important because you are drawing with colors and defining light and shade in your final painting. The imprimatura is an initial stain of color painted on the canvas. It provides a transparent, toned ground, which will allow light falling onto the painting to reflect through the paint layers.
Blue Door in a Log Cabin Under-Paint

Blue Door in a Log Cabin Under-Paint

Progression, start painting in the following order because it is going to be easier for you:

  1. Using oils or acrylics, start painting the log cabin. Continue with the door, chair and stone floor.
  2. Paint the bougainvillea in the top.
  3. Sign your work of art.

Supply: This painting can be done in 2 medias, Oil Paintings or Acrylics.

Acrylics: You can buy them at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. Jerry’s Arterama offers SOHO, Urban Artistic Acrylics. Excellent paintings, sold at a more reasonable price. 3060 Wake Forest Road, Raleigh, NC 27609. (919) 876-6610. Kaleidoscope Artist’s Value box is good.

Oil Paintings: You can buy them at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, but again the most affordable ones are at Jerry’s Arterama and their brand is LUKAS.

Blue Door in a Log Cabin Progression

Blue Door in a Log Cabin Progression

Canvas: 11″x 14″

Under-paint Acrylics:
Metallic Silver and Titanium White.

Oils or Acrylics Colors:

  1. Titanium White
  2. Royal Blue or Cobalt Blue or Sky Blue
  3. Ultramarine Blue
  4. Prussian Blue
  5. Cobalt Violet or Dioxazine Purple
  6. Payne’s Gray
  7. Burnt Sienna
  8. Van Dyck Brown or Burnt Umber
  9. Yellow Ochre
  10. Magenta
  11. Rose Madder
  12. Thalo Green or Permanent Green
  13. Sap Green
  14. Cadmium Yellow Light
  15. Cadmium Yellow Medium
  16. Greenish Umber or Deep Green

There are many affordable brushes in the market:
Walmart: FolkArt, Gold Taklon, fine details and shading corners detail.
Michael’s: Artist’s Loft, white synthetic brushes.
Jerry’s Arterama: Pro Stroke-Power Creative, fine and medium brushes.
1 White Bristle #2.
For Oil paintings, the best media is Refined Linseed Oil with Turpernoi. To clean the brushes Turpernoi. I have some glass containers to mix media.
Easel (a simple table metal easel is fine).
Paper towel, Pencil to draw.
Plastic/paper plate and glass. SOHO has a very reasonable paper palette at Jerry’s Arterama.

Painting Classes:

Painting Classes-Blue Door in a Log Cabin-Acrylics Oil

Painting Classes-Blue Door in a Log Cabin-Acrylics Oil

Learn to paint a Blue Door in a Log Cabin”. A blue door embraced by a pink bougainvillea from the beautiful mountains of North Carolina

Wednesday March 9 at The Cotton Company, 3:30 to 5:30.
Saturday March 12 at Clina Polloni ART Studio, 10:30 to 12:30.

Acrylics or oils, private and group painting classes by appointment. Taught by Clina Polloni with social distance. Call 919-841-3132 or email clinapolloni@gmail.com.

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$30.00 per person for 2 hours. You have the option of learning the painting of the week or selecting a painting from https://clinapolloni.com/painting-classes/.

At The Little Art Gallery, inside The Cotton Company, located in the historical downtown of Wake Forest NC. 306 S. White Street, Wake Forest, NC 27587.

At Clina Polloni ART Studio: Contact Clina 919-841-3132 or clinapolloni@gmail.com

You can learn and enjoy to do this painting in the painting classes:

Call Clina: 919-841-3132
Email: clinapolloni@gmail.com

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