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Ballerina Dress Painting

Self Portrait by Labannya Samanta.

This painting is a self portrait of Clina Polloni student Labannya Samanta. The challenge is to get a perfect definition of light and shadow, creating the many colors tones to accomplish the folding of the close.


Labannua’s self portrait got selected and exhibited at the Bryan Center of Duke University. The exhibition will end at the end of April. Congratulations! We are so proud of Labannya, she started her painting classes with Clina Polloni when she was 12 years old.

Learn To Paint A Ballerina Dress


Instructions and Progression:

  1. You start by drawing and painting a good under-paint. It was done in acrylics because they dry faster and it gives you the opportunity to paint immediately. Draw with your acrylics the light and shade.
  2. Continue with oils, light areas first, then medium tone and finally shading colors. Blend these colors very softly to create a fine transition

Ballerina Dress PaintingBrushes, multi-purpose, polyvalent, from the finest 0 to 6.
For Oil paintings, the best media is Refined Linseed Oil with Refined Turpentine. To clean the brushes Turpernoi. Glass container to mix media.
Easel (a simple table metal easel is fine).
Paper towel.
Plastic plate to mix colors or a Paper Palette.

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