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Cat Oil Portraits

Cat Oil Portraits

The essence of painting a cat portrait is the expression of the eyes. 

Eyes that express love for their family, always content and always ready to play. When I start painting a cat, I talk to their owners, I like to know all about their personalities, their life among the family and what makes them happy.

Let me paint a portrait of your cat in lively and colorful oil paintings. All I require from you is a good photograph to work from. Call me at 919-841-3132 or send me an email at

Cat Portrait-Pavement by Clina Polloni

Cat Portrait-Pavement by Clina Polloni

Pavement Portrait

Commissioned oil painting 11”x 14” by Clina Polloni

When Ashley commissioned me to paint Pavement, she told me. “I found her in the middle of the road in Louisburg, she was no bigger than a pine cone, covered in fleas and malnourished, I took her home bathed her and cleaned her up. Then bottle feed her until she was able to eat on her own. One November she was hit by a car, just her leg was hurt. The vet wanted to amputate her leg, but I wouldn’t let them. She got around just fine with that leg. She was my baby!!! She brought so much joy into my life and I’d like to have a painting done to remember her by.” Ashley Griffin.

Mr. Parker Portrait

Commissioned oil painting 11”x 14” by Clina Polloni.

When I was commissioned to paint Mr. Parker’s Pet Portrait, I was fascinated by the beauty of the gold tones of his tabby cat hair and the expression of his eyes. Painting his eyes and the many colors of his hair was a wonderful experience.

Chester and Loving Cats Portraits.

Commissioned oil paintings 16”x 20” by Clina Polloni.

A symphony of black and white colors playing together in harmony.

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All Cat Portrait Painting are © Clina Polloni.

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