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  • Landscapes by Clina Polloni

    Colorful oil paintings inspired by nature. Spectacular blues of the skies as well as a rainbow of bright colors. Her preference subject is the beautiful landscape of North Carolina and Chile.

  • Painting Classes

    Acrylic and oil painting classes, Taught by Clina Polloni. Through the painting process she teaches the students painting techniques, color mixing, perspective, light and shadows, proportions in forms, drawing and much more. To develop their imagination and in the process their creativity.

  • Oil Portraits of People and Pets

    Welcome to Clina Polloni Portraits, where classic and timeless portraits of you and your loved ones come to life. Children, Family, Parents, Grandparents, Weddings and your loving Pets.

  • Seascapes Paintings by Clina Polloni

    North Carolina is such an inspiration! Oceans with tormented waters, surrounded by lighthouses that protects the pass of the ships. Oil paintings that tells the story of our state.

  • Paintings of Flowers by Clina Polloni

    After the cold days of winter. I can’t wait for the warm days of spring to see the pale daffodils or the purple irises emerging, green baby leaves appearing in the old oak tree and finally a rainbow of colors. I get my canvas, brushes, bright colors and go outside, seat in the purple chair and paint.

  • Still Life Paintings by Clina Polloni

    When I was a little girl growing up in Santiago, Chile. My mother would go to the market, I could not wait for her to come home and bring the fresh vegetables and fruits. She would put the fresh fruits in a basket, vegetables in a plate, and I would seat on the table to paint.

Welcome to Clina Polloni’s Site, A portfolio of Paintings.

Clina Polloni is a contemporary artist born and raised in Chile. After graduating from the University of Chile in 1972, moved to Raleigh, NC. Clina’s love for the arts began when she was a child and was influenced by her great grandfather, Antonio Polloni, who was a celebrated Chilean painter. Clina lives with her husband Thomas C. Allen at “Marigold Plantation” in Franklinton, North Carolina. In this beautiful farm is where she has her art studio, exhibiting her paintings and providing painting classes.


Her colorful oil paintings are inspired by her love for people, animals and nature, expressing her art through the canvas in oil painting. Clina enjoys impressionism as well as realism and was able to develop her own unique style. Equally at ease portraying the people of this land, surrounded  by spectacular blues of the skies as well as a rainbow of bright colors. Clina’s art has been exhibit in many places, including The North Carolina State Capital. You can view her art by visiting the paintings section of this website.

Her new project: “The motif of the human figure in a dialogue with natures light and colors.” In these new paintings she is portraying the people of North Carolina in their environment and activities, representing a time and history of our state.

“These paintings are inspired by IMAGES in my mind, people that I meet, places that I visit.” Clina Polloni

Clina’s paintings are for sale at her studio, The Cotton Company, The Renaissance Centre for The Arts in Wake Forest and The Franklin County Art Council in Louisburg NC.

Clina Polloni Art Studio and Gallery, offers and exhibit her original oil paintings. Provides professional painting classes, acrylics and oils. Commissioned portraits, landscapes, seascapes, flowers and still life. Located in Franklinton NC. Serving Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Wake Forest and the Triangle Area of NC. Visit her business website or contact us.

Painting Classes:

Sea Dunes with Sail Boat

Taught by Clina Polloni, acrylics and oils. Private and group painting classes. You can learn the painting of the month or select one from  Painting Classes Page. Learn more >>

January 2020 Painting ClassesSea Dunes with a Sail Boat”. Click here for supply >>
Time: 1:00 to 4:00pm.
Two locations:
Clina Polloni ART Studio: 13 Garner Road, Franklinton NC 27525.
Saturday 18 of January 2020.
The fee for each class is $30.00. To register email Clina
The Cotton Company: 306 S. White Street, Wake Forest, NC 27587.
Wednesday 22 and 29 of January 2020.
The fee for each class is $30.00. You can register and pay by calling 919-570-0087, or go to the front desk.
Painting:Sea Dunes with a Sail Boat”. Is a simple and charming painting for a person that is starting to paint and wants to learn about the beach, reflections of a boat sailing and sand dunes.

Click here for past painting classes >> You can select any of the paintings to learn.



2020 Winter Exhibition Cotton Company

Winter 2020 Exhibition.

Clina Polloni ART invites you to the Cotton Company.

This season I will dedicate my paintings to the children. Joyful innocent faces in their playful wonderland of dreams and hopes.

Winter 2020 Calendar:

January 2020 Painting Classes “Sea Dunes with a Sail Boat”. Click here for supply >>
Wednesday 15 and 22. From 1:00 to 4:00pm.
The fee for each class is $30.00. You can register and pay by calling 919-570-0087, or go to the front desk.

Learn more >>

Click here for past exhibitions >>

December 2019 and January 2020. Landscapes for All Seasons Exhibition.
At the Arts Annex Wake Forest Renaissance Centre. 405 Brooks St, Wake Forest, NC 27587.
Clina exhibits 3 paintings: “Casa de Paja”, “Orange Reflections in The River” and “Casa de Campo”

Paintings by Clina Polloni Pet PortraitsCommissioned Pet Portraits: The essence of painting a pet portrait is the expression of the eyes. Learn more >>

Paintings by Clina Polloni Portraits

Commissioned Oil Portraits: Children, Family, Parents, Grandparents, Weddings and Pets. Learn more >>

Paintings by Clina Polloni LandscapesLandscapes: Oil paintings of the land, lakes, rivers, forest, windows, sunrise and sunsets. Learn more >>

Paintings by Clina Polloni SeascapesSeascapes: Oceans with tormented waters, lighthouses and sunsets. Learn more >>

Paintings by Clina Polloni FlowersFlowers:  Pale daffodils, purple irises, pink camellias, roses, lavenders a rainbow of colors. Learn more >>

Paintings by Clina Polloni Still LifeStill Life: Paintings of fruits and vegetables. Bright yellows and reds of apples and peppers.  Learn more >>

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Visit Portraits Paintings, Raleigh NC. Clina Polloni Portraits business site.

Artists Guild Team Leader of the Franklin County Art Council and Member of the Wake Forest Guild of Artists. North Carolina.

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