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Why Branding is Important.

Brand building with creative strategy. Clina Polloni Design is a full service corporate identity and brand developing firm specializing in creative marketing and implementation of inspiring ideas. We identify your audience, define your marketing challenges and goals, and will develop full service strategic marketing campaigns. We implement […]

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The Hispanic Market Is Growing, Promote Their Products.

Marketing the Latin America Community. As the Hispanic market grows, understanding Latin American culture is a critical task for companies interested in reaching and communicating with Latino consumers. At Clina Polloni Design we can create all your marketing needs in English and Spanish. We are a bicultural […]

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Illustrations are work of Art that inspires creativity.

Illustrations can support brand development. An Illustration is a work of Art that inspires creativity, they reminds in the mind of the viewer. In marketing a product or service they can support branding. Illustrations can be created in any visual media; oil painting, acrylic, water color or […]

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Multi-purpose folder for your company presentations.

A folder is essential for a professional business presentation. The leader in presentation folder design. At Clina Polloni Design we create a multi-purpose folder with two pockets for your company presentation. With a left pocket for a letter, a proposal or a document and a right pocket […]

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Ads, the printing media is a powerful tool.

Color or black and white, the printing media is a powerful tool for promoting your products and services. Want more sales? Then advertise. Advertising, in fact, is the most cost-effective method for any company to generate new customers and, moreover, to build stronger, more enduring relations with […]

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Every company needs an informative brochure.

Brochures for Business in North Carolina. Every company, especially companies that compete in the business-to-business sector, needs a graphically appealing and informative company brochure. Research studies, in fact, show that business-to-business companies consider brochures their most essential marketing communication tool. Once the brochure is designed, we provide […]

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Marketing Material to support sales & services.

The production of marketing promotional material is important in any business’ marketing communication plan. Marketing collateral, is the collection of visual media used to support the sales of a product or service. These sales aids are intended to make the sales effort easier and more effective. The […]

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