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Branding, News & Observer interview of Clina Polloni

“Branding is more than just a logo”

News & Observer interview of Clina Polloni by Jennifer Gregory

News & Observer to Clina Polloni“Branding is essential because it is your corporate identity and the image that your market sees,” said Clina Polloni, co-owner of Polloni Design in Raleigh, which specializes in corporate identity, branding and website design. “In order to have a good business strategy, you really need to have great branding.”

Polloni said the crux of a brand is the name, and it is important to pick one that describes the company and what it does.

Graphics are not the only elements of a brand, but they often give customers their first impression of the company. It is essential that color choices, website design, logo and the fonts used on business materials work together to enhance the brand.


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