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Illustrations are work of Art that inspires creativity.

Illustrations can support brand development.

Illustration of RigolettoAn Illustration is a work of Art that inspires creativity, they reminds in the mind of the viewer. In marketing a product or service they can support branding.

Illustrations can be created in any visual media; oil painting, acrylic, water color or digital animation. The important thing is the message, they portrait an idea to be develop. They can be use for logos, websites, posters, brochures, postcards or any marketing promotional material, for print media or the internet.

Illustrations for The Opera of North Carolina:

The challenge was to portrait the power of love, an emotion that consumes the heart with a force that can enrage or excite, destroy or delight. These Italian opera paintings were created by Clina Polloni for the 2008-2009 Opera Season of The Opera Company of North Carolina and were used by Polloni Design for all the marketing promotional material.


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