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Corporate Identity

A strong corporate identity reinforces brand recognition among your target audience.

According to most marketing experts, there’s one essential rule that all companies must follow in order to survive in today’s very fast-paced and highly competitive business world; “Build a strong business image.”  

Clina Polloni DesignThe corporate identity is your business’ face in the market. The corporate identity creates an impression of the company without a single descriptive term. It is what comes to mind for a customer when they hear the name of your company. The creation of such an identity is important business and not to be handled lightly. A great corporate identity can boost a business from the ground to the world market.

Managing corporate identity is serious business, especially in a crowded market, and this is what we do best at Clina Polloni Design. We are specialists working extensively with companies before they launch, and every time they introduce new products or services. We ensure that the company is acting in a way which is consistent with its corporate identity, keeping the company’s position in the market strong.

The idea of corporate identity integrates the look and feel of designs and communications, along with the corporation’s behavior. Companies of all sizes invest a great deal of energy in their corporate identities, since the persona of a corporation influences the way people think about the company.

The first aspect of corporate identity has to do with branding. The logo is often the center of company branding, since it is an easily recognizable symbol which sets the corporation aside from other companies. Branding typically also includes a color scheme, and a general look and feel across a product family which makes all products recognizable.

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